• Bathroom Remodel

    Bathroom Remodel

    We ensure your bathroom, tub, and shower is beautiful and safe and easy to use.

  • Grab Bar Installation

    Grab Bar Installation

    We offer grab bars in chrome, brushed nickel, copper, clear acrylic, bamboo – and more styles to match your needs.

  • Kitchen Remodel

    Kitchen Remodel

    From lowered counter-tops to pull down cupboards, we help make your kitchen the lifestyle hub it used to be.

  • Accessibility: Lifts, Automatic Doors

    Accessibility: Lifts, Automatic Doors

    Interior & exterior lifts are an excellent option when space is an issue. Add an automatic door opener for ease.

  • Widened Doors/Hallways

    Widened Doors/Hallways

    Many homes aren’t designed for wheelchairs or walkers. We make it easier with widening hinges & hallway remodels.

  • Ramps Build/Install

    Ramps Build/Install

    Whether a temporary ramp or permanent, we have options that match your style and budget.

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North Coast Community Homes offers you a unique one-stop-shop experience.

In the past, you may have had to call a ramp guy to purchase an outside ramp, or you would have shopped on your own for a ramp solution inside the home. Then maybe you’d make a call to someone who does bathroom remodeling & hope they can install grab bars. And then yet another call to someone else to lower the counters in the kitchen and to an electrician to raise the outlets, and on and on.

Not anymore!

Our expert and caring staff have the experience to handle whatever you need to make your home beautiful, safe, and accessible.

We take the hassle out of solving problems, so you can focus on enjoying your home.

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